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of Carrollton

Precision-Fitted Partial Dentures

Does the hooks on your partial bother you aesthetically?
Do you want to hide your wire Hooks from your partial denture?
If you have answered "yes" to above questions, Precision Partial Denture may be the answer for you.


The shape and dimensions of some attachments all too often lead to over-sized crowns preventing good aesthetics. The connecting arm of the female profile is slightly reduced at the buccal, creating more space for acrylic resin or porcelain veneering. With CEKA, you may always achieve an optimum aesthetic result.

Easy cleaning-The design of the extracoronal CEKA attachment has a so-called "periodontal friendly" female. It starts right underneath the natural contact point of the crown, and makes gingival contact. The marginal area remains easily accessible for oral hygiene.

Your successful experience with us will change your view of dentistry forever!

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