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Dr. Henry Kim D.D.S

                                         Dr. Kim is the director of Dental Associates and owner at New Smile Dental.

                                         His Practice Focuses on Cosmetic Implant dentistry ,Smile Make Over and All                                                   Phases of General Dentistry. He has worked on  thousands of patients during 

                                         his 31 years of clinical practice.

                                         In Order to be a Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Kim Believes that you have to know all

                                         phase of Comprehensive Cosmetic & General Dentistry including Orthodontics,

                                         Implants and all the latest Cosmetic Dental technology that is available today.

Can we veneer everything to achieve the best Possible Cosmetic Goal? No.

Can we Orthodontically move teeth for the best possible Cosmetic Position?


Possible. But what if the shape, color, value of tooth is not right? 

Can we just place Implant and restore the tooth and expected to be right cosmetically?


Depending on the patient's case, utilizing all the combined techniques and options, we are more likely to achieve the best Possible Cosmetic and functional Goal. 

Dr. Kim has pledged himself to always being on the leading edge of dentistry, with a lifelong pursuit to ever-improving his dental knowledge. He actively makes sure he spends time every year attending Advanced Education Courses with emphasis on Cosmetic, Implants, Orthodontics and Reconstructive Dentistry.

Dr. Kim was exposed to Dentistry and Medicine very early age of his  life. He came from a back ground of Dental and Medical families. He has about 20 dentists and Medical Doctors among his relatives.

Dr. Kim completed his undergraduate training in pre-med at Loma Linda University. He earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the USC School of Dentistry 1987.

Dr Kim is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologist.

Dr Kim is a Fellow of the Misch International Implant Institute.

Dr. Kim was voted as TOP DENTIST of LAS VEGAS from Today's Health Magazine.

Dr. Kim is a member of several distinguished professional societies, including:

Dr. Kim's Advanced Trainings Include:

  • Graduate - Misch International Implant Institute Surgical/Prosthetic-Dr. Carl E. Misch, known as the Father of Modern Implantology, developed the Misch International Implant Institute in 1984 to help set and elevate the standard of care in implant dentistry using a hands-on training approach. Now world renown, the Institute's unique approach to provide the most progressive and documented information and extensive hands-on experience has awarded its graduates with experiences they will use throughout their careers. Known as the Best Training Program in Implant Dentistry among the Dentists around the world. 

  • Fellowship,  International Congress of Oral Implantologist.

  • Fellowship, Misch International Implant institute.

  • Piko's Dental Implant Institute - Advanced Bone Grafting for Dental Implant

  • Piko's Dental Implant Institute - Advanced Soft Tissue Grafting for Dental Implant

  • Nobel Biocare Dental Implants Institute - Nobel Biocare is the most thoroughly documented implant system in the world. Originally Known as Branemark System who has Pioneered the Dental Implant for Last 50 years. Most of Dental Implants are derived from this System.  

  • MIS Dental Implants - MIS designs, develops, manufactures, and markets an advanced comprehensive range of dental implants and superstructures. MIS' world-class scientists and engineers are committed to continuous research and development of new and progressive products and technologies for the global dental implantation field. Laboratory and field studies in the areas of tissue culture and tissue engineering are conducted jointly with prestigious dental laboratories and university dental schools. The resulting innovations in the field of dental implants and superstructures are reported in the MIS News and subsequently passed on to our customers.

  • Southern California Orthodontic Education Continuum - Offers post-graduate training in orthodontics with multi-discipline dental study groups.

  • Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Studies (LVI) - The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) is the premier postgraduate dental training center in the US. LVI offers courses in Advanced Functional Esthetics. This curriculum marries beauty with function to ensure a lasting effect. LVI trains those in pursuit of excellence to diagnose and deliver options in a patient centered environment using a wide range of techniques including instant orthodontics and maximum quality porcelain.

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